Problem with Wine window focus using FVWM2

Robin Findlay nomail at
Mon Jul 30 04:47:25 CDT 2001

Wine version 20010629 running Lotus Notes 5.08
Linux RedHat 7.1 with Xfree86 Version 4 and FVWM2 window manager

When I run this version of Wine with FVWM2 the Wine window always
appears on top ( always obscures other windows). I use a click to focus
window policy and when I click on another window on the desktop it
will not raise it over the Wine window although the window I click on
does receive focus.

I run Wine with the --managed option.

Strangely, this problem goes away if I open another 'sub-window' within
the Wine desktop. For
example, if I open the 'About Wine' window the focus policy reverts to
normal - as soon as I close
'About Wine' it goes back to the Wine window always being on top.

Any ideas?



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