Diablo II - Lord of Destruction Expansion

Lionel Ulmer bbrox at bbrox.org
Mon Jul 30 07:25:53 CDT 2001

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001 13:03:15 +0200, Bjorn <bjorn at sparta.lu.se.NOSPAM> wrote:
>It seems extremely stupid if wine wouldn't at least warn if it cannot
>change mode to something non-existant. But I see no complaints, and the
>mouse does disappear in the upper left 640x480 rectangle of my X
>desktop. But no mode-switch happens and no graphics is drawn, so
>something didn't work with DGA and ddraw apparently...

Well, that would not be the first time that there are stupid things in the
Wine code (and well, I checked and Wine does NOT warn if it does not find a
matching depth (at least this is what I found out :-) )).

Stupid things are here for newbies to fix them (hint, hint :-) ).

Anyway, could you send me a +ddraw,+x11drv log ?


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