wine menu system under KDE ... edit ?

Remy Cool orion at
Tue Jul 31 07:49:19 CDT 2001

Somehow wine crates a list of installed programs and hot-links this to
the KDE menu. I need to know the place of the config script that
creates these links. As it's KDE, it's probably under .kde, but I
can't find it.


On 30 Jul 2001 10:24:12 -0700, pfrostie at (Phrostie) wrote:

>I don't use KDE so i can't help you there.
>as far as Wine goes, the two standard locations are /c and /var/lib/wine.
>if that does not work just do a search for wine and it should find the directory.
>Remy Cool <orion at> wrote in message news:<s2iamtggi9u7vke6gej2segoelhjkp5npm at>...
>> Is there a way to edit the entry's in the wine menu under KDE. With
>> the KDE menu-editor I can only see the directories, but not the
>> programs. Where does wine store this information ?
>> Remy Cool

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