wine problem - cannot write to directory

Andreas Mohr Usenet 07/01 xsidycvl001 at
Tue Jul 31 16:18:06 CDT 2001

ZalekBloom at <ZalekBloom at> wrote:
> I just installed a new version of wine and wine stopped working.
> It starts and I am getting a message that I have no permition to write on
> my Win c:\ disk.
> I checked that root is owner of c:\ directories, so I switched to root
> user (even my userid is defined in the same group as root) and I am
> gettin a message that root cannot run wine.
> So I tried to "chmod 774 Agent" (Agent is directory of Agent program I
> tried to run), but "ls -al" showed that c:\Agent directory permitions
> were not changed (stayed rwxr-xr-x).
You really, really, really want to read the part dealing with VFAT
partitions in the Wine Users Guide...
(hint: VFAT directory permissions can't be changed !)
Assuming you are indeed using FAT, of course...

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