Almost MS-free

Andrew M. Saucci, Jr. andrew at
Sun Jul 1 22:32:15 CDT 2001

I am two applications away from being MS-free. The second is
Photo-Paint, but that's another message. The first is CompuServe
2.6.1, a/k/a WinCim. If I try to run cs261.exe under wine, it crashes
with a blank error window after attempting to run InstallShield. If I
just try to copy the files from my old computer and run wincim.exe
under wine, absolutely nothing happens (which is absolutely
maddening). Is there any hope of getting WinCim to run under Mandrake
Linux 8 or am I stuck using CompuServe's brain-dead web interface?
It's hard to troubleshoot with so few clues.

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