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Andreas Mohr Usenet 06/01 p4hivr001 at sneakemail.com
Mon Jul 2 04:27:49 CDT 2001

Herman Oosthuysen <aerosoft at aerospacesoftware.com> wrote:
> Quickbooks runs on Corel Wine. I shoehorned it into a WordPerfect Office
> 2000 installation, byt first installing it on a PC under windoze, then
> copying the whole thing over to the linux box, registry and all.  Word
> may work as well, but I don't care to try it.  As far as I can see, the
> Corel version of wine is significantly more advanced than the free
> versions.

Basically, Corel Wine is just very ooold.
But of course it has font server support and a different way of printing
support AFAIK (not necessarily a better one, though, since Wine's PostScript
printer support is almost perfect), which is why it is still worth trying.
Expect it to be really outdated rather soon, though.

To say that Corel Wine is "significantly more advanced" is just plain wrong.
In fact it's now about 18 months behind the current Wine version.
(it doesn't even have DLL separation, for example !)

As negative as this may sound, still keep in mind that Corel has done
an awfully impressive amount of Wine support.
It just doesn't show as much any more as it used to.

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