Segmentation Fault

gerard patel g.patel at
Mon Jul 2 15:29:53 CDT 2001

On Mon, 02 Jul 2001 11:15:35 -0500, Noah <n_mccalment at>

>> You didn't tell what compiler you use and also not what system. Some gcc
>> versions are known to be broken.
>Compiler: gcc 2.96-85
>System: Red Hat 7.0, kernel 2.4.2-0.1.28, glibc 2.2.3-6

Hrrmf.. You complain about a compile error while having a 
completely custom configuration (AFAIK RH 7.0 never shipped
with this compiler/glibc/kernel) :-///
Did you upgrade completely your system (binutils comes to
mind). Also if you upgrade your system don't forget to
make distclean or something like that.


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