Installing Windows apps ( Mandrake 8 / Codeweavers wine)

Andreas Mohr Usenet 07/01 xsidycvl001 at
Tue Jul 3 03:16:03 CDT 2001

Doug Young <dougy at> wrote:
> I've been tearing hair out for days over this stuff ... hopefully someone
> here can enlighten me further.

> I've managed to get wine to the stage where it appears to be installed as
> per the codeweaver site .... have tried both the "fake_windows" & windows
> partition methods, but in both cases when I try running any windows
> application installer it bombs out within seconds, mostly complaining about
> lack of space (this is nonsense since there are hundreds of Mb free in every
> partition & permissions in the /windows & /home/<username>/tmp directories
> both world writable.)

> I doubt that the problem is that I'm  just working with incompatible
> applications because even things listed elsewhere as working perfectly with
> wine give the "hey I don't have enough space" error message for a second or
> two before the window disappears.

> Install logs don't appear to exist .... anyones guess why but hours of
> searching have failed to find anything along that line. The most recent
> application I've tried (a Windows based accounting program) starts
> installing OK & scrollbar gets to 2% then stops ... not a sign of any
> complaint / error message / whatever should help.

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