poor fps in half life under wine

Rod rodhill at NOSPAMihug.co.nz
Mon Jul 2 18:30:49 CDT 2001

i have HL running under wine and i play mods for hl ,
tfc , cs and fire arms.
the fps drops to appauling levels
like 15fps during heavy fire fights and lots of ppl in the scene.
i have a PIII 750 440BX with 256MB and a Geforce2 GTS
running the latest cvs of wine on suse7.1

opengl is definately working under hl.
agent wks a charm , seems just as fast as w9x.

is it normal to loose servere frame rate when running hl under wine?
ive tried reducing trhe resolution to 640 from 1024 , but it literally
made no difference ,
as if the cpu was the bottleneck.
strange tho , as i heard for cpu intensive apps wine is just as god as

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