WINE game compatability and "DOSe"?

(e)magius magius at
Tue Jul 3 09:47:39 CDT 2001

After using a dual-boot system for a while (Win98 + Mandrake) on my home
machine, I've decided to go for Linux only on my new (well, used)
notebook (Latitude PII 266 w/ 128 MB RAM). In any case, I don't really
use any Windows programs except a few games (well, I use office tools
and programming environments, but there are plenty of good ones in Linux
as is), so I'm looking into using WINE for a few games. I've heard
Civilization II runs a bit slow, but is fully playable. How about Alpha
Centauri, Seven Kingdoms, and Septerra Core? Anyone tried these? I've
tried to run a few web searches to find the info I'm looking for, but
I've only found mediocre lists with maybe a dozen games listed.

Also, is there any kind of free DOS emulator for Linux, or should I just
stick FreeDOS/Dr. DOS/MS-DOS(argh!) on another partition and go for dual
booting again (I have a few old DOS games I pick up once in a blue

Thanks for your help!


--Imad "(e)magius" Hussain

"I have put on the mask of the sorcerer to hide my true self, but I am
revealed, for the mask has become my own face." -- Darrell Schweitzer,
_The Mask of the Sorcerer_

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