WINE game compatability and "DOSe"?

Mikko Rauhala mjr at
Tue Jul 3 10:36:31 CDT 2001

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001 09:47:39 -0500, (e)magius <magius at> wrote:
> How about Alpha Centauri, Seven Kingdoms, and Septerra Core?
> Anyone tried these?

Nope, why don't you? Anyway, there's a native port of Alpha Centauri
available from Loki, in case you didn't know. Of course you'll want to
buy that to support Loki even if you have the windows version already,
right? ;)

> Also, is there any kind of free DOS emulator for Linux, or should I just
> stick FreeDOS/Dr. DOS/MS-DOS(argh!) on another partition and go for dual
> booting again (I have a few old DOS games I pick up once in a blue
> moon)?

There is. It's called, imaginetively enough, dosemu and it should come
with most distributions. Mind you, it's not actually a dos emulator but
rather a (limited) virtual machine in which you can run some implementation
of DOS (FreeDOS being a valid choice, if it runs your software).

Then there's of course the plex86 virtual PC project, which, as I heard,
has come far enough to boot some OSes, including eg. Win9x. Haven't tried
myself though, since I have no need for such.

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