line spacing problem

Eike Lantzsch eikelan at
Tue Jul 3 14:18:44 CDT 2001

Duane Clark wrote:
>  Eike Lantzsch wrote:
> > 
> > Hi all:
> > 
> > This still happens with cvs010626 with a VB3 program designed
> > to work on NT4/W2k down to Win3.1.
> > In a text window the Helvetica font appears to have a normal body
> > height but the EmHeight is far taller. So the line spacing is
> > far too wide.

>  I have no idea whether there could be any possible relation. But I have
>  seen this same effect in the Netscape and Mozilla compose windows, if my
>  100dpi fonts were listed first in the xfs configuration, but the X
>  server was set for 75 dpi. This regardless of whether the compose window
>  was using a 100dpi font or a TT font. When I changed the X server to
>  tell it to use 100 dpi (or listed the 75 dpi font first in xfs), the
>  problem went away.
>  Duane

Recent reports I got, indicate that this IS a problem of my environment
not Wine. Will later see if it disappears with XFree86-4.x and without

Regards, Ike

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