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>> >I heard that Wine has speed problem.
>> >
>> >For instance, Wine is very slow...

>> For graphics : sometimes, depending on the kind
>> of graphics (games are said to run all right, while
>> drawing programs relying on the classical Gdi
>> api are slower than Windows on the same hardware)

> The graphics performance is not just slow, it is ABYSMAL!
So what ? Everybody knows that ;-)
Wine has to go through the X server, which probably isn't blazingly fast by
itself, and then the X11 graphics operations are sometimes incompatible
and have to be "emulated" somehow, and then keep in mind that Wine is
everything but complete.
When (or rather: if !) it gets there, then we'll strongly care about speed
But keep in mind that it won't exceed Windows GDI speed via X11 anyway, since
Windows can have its own and very customized and very optimized graphics
If you want blazingly fast Wine GDI speed, then what about writing another
graphics driver ? (for GGI, Berlin, ...)
The infrastructure already kind of exists anyway...

> My personal experience from trying to port my App is that classical GDI,
> specifically anything to do with Bitmaps and compatible dc, runs at less
> than 5% of the speed of a native windows App.
Again, so what ?
It *runs*. And that's the main point.
And if it runs even faster than VMWare, then it's glaring success ;-)

> Secondarily, there are faults in the implementation of some GDI functions,
> especially fonts, but even simple line drawing and polyfilling is faulty.
I know that e.g. controls/static.c is horribly broken.
I'll fix it very, very soon.
(it affects many programs)

> This does not seem to be of concern to any of the developers as my previous
> posts on the subject have been ignored.  I'm not sure if there is anyone
> actively supporting GDI functionality.  Or at least not anyone watching this
> newsgroup.
Well, if there isn't anyone actively supporting GDI:
what about getting active ON YOUR OWN ? :-)
I always hear claims that "Wine sucks, it doesn't run this or that, doesn't
do this or that, yaddayadda ...".
But the number of people that are *actually* contributing is still pretty poor.
Not even the documentation is being properly maintained, which even people
not too experienced with programming could do without a hell of a lot of

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