Wine and BlitzIn

Pavel Sakov Pavel.Sakov at
Sun Jul 1 23:25:08 CDT 2001

Martin Andersen wrote:
> Pavel Sakov wrote:
> > Personally, I prefer to use XBoard from Linux. It always works and have
> > everything I need :-).
> But does Xboard work with ICC ?
> I have read other places as well that BlitIn runs badly in Wine, so I
> have given up. Instead I have found eboard which is a very promising client
> for
> >
> > Good luck,
> > Pavel
> >
> Thanks
>  Martin.

Yes. I use:

xboard -ics -icshost -useTelnet True -telnetProgram
<timestamp --
download from ICC> -size middling -autoflag -sgf - bell -queen -colorize
-legal -highlight

Be sure to use timestamp or you wil loose on time.

This thread is getting out of topic, you may obtain detailed information
in and ICC web site.

Good luck

Pavel Sakov

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