Internet Explorer and winehelp !!!!!

Andreas Mohr Usenet 07/01 xsidycvl001 at
Wed Jul 4 12:22:38 CDT 2001

asd <mars00000 at> wrote:
> I have to run Internet Explorer 5.5 on wine (not from a windows installation
> but directly from a Linux ext2fs filesystem.

> I' tried lots of DLL override configuration but I have not been able to run
> Ie yet...  At the moment, I've copied all ie related file to my directory so
> I no longer get file open errors. Here is the message I get when I start IE
> :


> My actual DLL override  include : commctrl,comctl32,
> commdlg,comdlg32,shell,shell32 .........
Maybe, but they are not *loaded* natively.
Case in point:
> fixme:shell:shell32_654 0x7118c350 stub

> Any Help would be really appreciated. If you have been able to run ie 5.5
> with wine, please can you please describe in details how you got it to work
> ...
> I'm on Redhat 7.1, wine release 20010418
A bit old.
AFAIK there have been several IE related fixes in the 200105xx release.
(toolbars, ...)

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