Matthew Clarke Matthew_Clarke at
Wed Jul 4 23:38:53 CDT 2001

pfrostie at (Phrostie) writes:

>I'm trying to run different win32 apps with different configs.
>i was looking  thru the man page and found the WINEPREFIX.
>i added export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine.icad to my script that i use to
>launch my application.  It seems to find it, but now i'm getting:
> $ icad
>wineserver: mkdir /.wine.icad/ : No such file or

[ snip ]

If that's the entire error message, it looks like $HOME is empty.  I'd
have expected something along the lines of:

wineserver: mkdir /home/phrostie/.wine.icad/ No such
file or directory

or such.  In your script, put this line:

	echo "HOME is $HOME"

before you set WINEPREFIX, and this line:


after you set WINEPREFIX, and see if they both look right.


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