Dongles & wine

Martin Kroeker mk at
Thu Jul 5 05:40:07 CDT 2001

Genady Veytsman <genadyv at> wrote:

> The problem that I am stuck with is making wine/application to recognize
> dongle.
> Here is an error:

> vsec: Error 8037: License node restriction does not match client's node
> for product Viewdraw.
> +vsec: Error 8031: Flex/LM Error: Invalid host (-9,57).

There are several points to consider :
-- it may be trying to load some unsupported VxD needed to access the dongle
   before it produces this error message (you do get several warnings and
   error messages from wine, don't you ?)
-- you may need to allow read/write access to the printer(?) port where the 
   dongle is attached in your wine configuration file.
-- it may be trying to identify the hardware address of your network card in
   addition to the dongle, which may require some not-yet-supported functions

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