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Thu Jul 5 11:29:18 CDT 2001

gerard patel <g.patel at> wrote:
: On Thu, 05 Jul 2001 11:10:27 +0300, Genady Veytsman
: <genadyv at> wrote:

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:>The problem that I am stuck with is making wine/application to recognize
: <snip>
:>Any help is appreciated.

: In addition to the other (valid) reply, you could
: try a patch posted by U.Bonnes on Wine-devel
: on 21/06/2001 ("Initializing Dosvm for direct port
: access') that you can read with the wine-devel
: archive at

As the original poster didn't tell about the crash, I don't think that
the program uses direct port access. It would help if he tells under what
version  of windows he did the install. 


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