running win apps without windows

wgates666 jjablonski at
Thu Jul 5 12:01:03 CDT 2001

hey there.

actually, not yet.

i got an error something along the lines of "VBA160 INIT FAIL" during setup.
i got the error just before it started copying files.

i haven't really had time to play with it some more yet.

any ideas?  :)


"Phrostie" <pfrostie at> wrote in message
news:c0dc7b03.0106300732.63a8557c at
> did you ever get it to run?
> >
> > i'd like to try installing/running solidworks without windows. just by
> > running wine from within Mandrake8.0. but i have windows installed on my
> > computer.
> >

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