winelib runs but wine ok.... Why??

Adam Majer ummajera at
Fri Jul 6 08:54:50 CDT 2001

François Gouget wrote:

> Adam Majer wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I have a small program (~10k lines) that just uses elementry API (like
>>SendMessage). It compiles under Borland C++ Builder 5.5.1 (for win exe)
>>and under g++ with winlib. The problem is that the Builder EXE runs
>>perfectly with WINE __BUT__ the library built with winlib does not run -
>>spits out a segmentation faul @ line 400 (whatever that means) and some
>>Error 139 with nothing else.
>>All this happens before the app enters WinMain. Oh yes, under winedbg
>>the g++ compiled app runs perfectly as well (except sometimes winedbg
>>fails to start).
>>I thought that winlib is the same as wine except for the loaded - could
>>the loader be broken??
>    How did you compile the application? Did you use winemaker? What is
> the exact error?

Yes, I used winemaker. I just traced the problem and it appears to be 
comming from the wine script! Line 400.. Weird...

more exactly from this line:


that is in the wine script in usr/bin  I have managed to fix the problem 
completely by calling

wine.bin <program>

where the program is actually a link to the usr/bin/wine.

- Adam

PS. If I start the program with just the symlink, I get:

./amdprim7: line 400: 24586 Segmentation fault 
$WINEBIN/$WINE_BIN_NAME "$@" >$log_name 2>&1
Wine failed with return code 139

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