Unable to find dlls

Richard P pinr at rocketmail.com
Fri Jul 6 11:04:20 CDT 2001

I just installed wine on my RH 7.1 system and I also have windows 2000.  
Whenever I try and run a program using Wine I get a missing .dll file 
message however it seems like I do have the dll files in my 
c:\winnt\system32 directory.
For example if I try and run winmx I get:

err:module:fixup_imports Module (file) MFC42.DLL needed by C:\Program 
Files\WinMX\WinMX.exe not found 

The wine section of my config file is like this:
SymbolTableFile=./wine.sym [wine]

and if I look in c:\winnt\system32 I find that there is a file mfc42.dll 
(note the small case)
why can't wine find this file, the same thing happens with other programs 
and dll files is the difference in case relevant

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