running win apps without windows

Phrostie pfrostie at
Fri Jul 6 20:56:16 CDT 2001

If you have access to it(2000) you might try that.
I've noticed Install shield problems with newer(past year) software.

Also if you have a working installation on the same machine try
pointing wine there.  I know the goal is to not need it, but that will
help prove that the problem is just the intall.

I have a similar problem with Intellicad2001.  Icad2000 worked fine.
I just downloaded a freash nightly build, but i'm not expection it to
do much better.

good luck, i'll tell you if i get mine going.

"wgates666" <jjablonski at> wrote in message news:<tkbe7mcq3iqba9 at>...
> it's brand spankin' new. Solid(doesn't)Works2001.

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