zero font size on word 97

mikedba mike at
Sun Jul 8 06:51:49 CDT 2001

Hi, I'm running wine 20010112 compiled from sources, installed under
suse 6.2. I have an installed win98 partition with word 97.

When I run Word the document text (new and existing documents) is very
small and the escape length is zero (all characters appear on top of
each other). As a sanity check, notepad seems to work fine. Menus and
toolbars also display OK. I've checked google and can't see any previous
messages which give me any further clues other than stuff about the
location of the registry, which I think I have sorted.

All I can see that might be related is a message from GetLocaleInfoA
saying thes SLANGUAGE is not defined and please could I define it.

I did a trace and saw that win.ini had been read and that sLanguage in
there was set correctly to 'eng'. I also saw that GetLocaleInfoA
(looking for "Control Panel\\International\\sLanguage") was being called
in a loop. It was called 33 times and the missing language warning
appeared at call number 26. Each call apparently loaded a different
language and the last call loaded "English (United Kingdom)", which is
what I want.

Question - is the missing language relevant?

Question - is wine or word responsible for the loop through all the

Question - Is there anywhere else I should be looking?

Any clues gratefully received.

Mike Sandford

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