different font and window behaviour w/ diff X servers

Eike Lantzsch eikelan at gmx.net
Mon Jul 9 06:45:08 CDT 2001

gerard patel wrote:
>  On Sun, 8 Jul 2001 17:40:03 -0400, eikelan at gmx.net (Eike Lantzsch)
>  wrote:
> >Hi:
> >
> >Like Gerard Patel mentioned on the developer's list I can confirm
> >that Wine's behaviour _is_ now very dependant on which X server
> >is used and to top it: 
>  It has always been dependant, in fact. I feel that it's more
>  the case now - in part because there are quite a few
>  unresolved glitches yet.
Well, obviously I didn't try enough X servers up to now ;-)
And there are glitches with the X servers themselves. Especially
on higher resolutions. Memory problems and all.
The reference to "X servers" is not about versions. It is about
hardware S3, S3V, SVGA, MACHx, etc...
What do I have here? [rummage, rummage] Matrox, Diamond, Trident...
i810, i815e... but mostly occupied by some users...

> >also this behaviour is varying quite a bit
> >depending on the Windows application which is run.
> >I have font problems with XF86_SVGA on a Trident Video-107PCI
> >(cheapy-cheapy) and not with XF86_S3 on a Diamond 2000 3D (old).
> >The problem was mentioned here already (EmHeight=3xBodyHeight).
Miscalculation - this should read                   4xBodyHeight

>  You mean inappropriate fonts choice ? I don't quite remember
>  this emheight problem.
>  What I have seen is that on a computer with access to Windows
>  fonts things are going a lot smoothier than on a no-windows
>  computer.
No, not this. If it happens it happens with all fonts, regardless
if I choose -adobe-x or -ttf-x.
However debugmsg=+font does not reveal any wrong font choice.
The application shows whatever font I tell it to use 
with the correct body but below is 1xBodyHeight space
and above is 2xBodyHeight space. And it doesn't do this in all 
windows - just in one kind of text window.
You can see it here: www.geocities.com/cgelantzsch/screenshot.html

But dont worry. With all the changes right now I think I
better wait until more burning problems are solved.
It is just one application and this happens only with X86_SVGA.
It seems to be necessary to dig into the Wine - X11 interface
to nail this one down. 
But sorry, my expertize does not reach far enough. Anyway -
I'll do some wine logs and will compare it between the two comps
I have w/ X11. One of which has the probl. and the other doesn't.

> >It seems that Wine development will get far more tedious now
> >with the recent patches to windows management. How many different
> >X servers can a developer install and perform tests on?

This was intended to read: "How many different video boards, 
which need different X servers..."

>  I have 2 computers, one with Xfree 3.3.6, the other with
>  4.0.3. Many remaining problems are similar on the 2 
>  computers, so I'm trying to solve these first.
>  Gerard
Sure! Always very much appreciated!
Thank you so much for answering.

best regards, Ike
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