running win apps without windows

wgates666 jjablonski at
Mon Jul 9 07:59:51 CDT 2001

aactually, someone on the SW newsgroup had a similar error that i got. so
first i'm gonna (try to) install everything under the vb directory on the
cd, then go from there. if that doesn't work, i'll go the sw2000 route.

just gotta find time for all this. <sigh>  :-/


"Phrostie" <pfrostie at> wrote in message
news:c0dc7b03.0107061756.35e90e92 at
> If you have access to it(2000) you might try that.
> I've noticed Install shield problems with newer(past year) software.
> Also if you have a working installation on the same machine try
> pointing wine there.  I know the goal is to not need it, but that will
> help prove that the problem is just the intall.
> I have a similar problem with Intellicad2001.  Icad2000 worked fine.
> I just downloaded a freash nightly build, but i'm not expection it to
> do much better.
> good luck, i'll tell you if i get mine going.
> "wgates666" <jjablonski at> wrote in message
news:<tkbe7mcq3iqba9 at>...
> > it's brand spankin' new. Solid(doesn't)Works2001.

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