Need advice for application port

Steve Ledford sledford_98 at
Mon Jul 9 17:14:00 CDT 2001

OK, I am definitely new to porting from Windows to Linux. You may have
already seen my previous post about Winelib, ignore it for the time
being. We have an app that dates back several developers, which of
course no longer are available, and several years. We have had quite a
few requests for a version that runs on Linux and hence the work to
get the app ported. It is not a large app by most standards now days
but, alas, it does use MFC.

So, I am on the horns of a dilemma and as I see it there are a couple
of options:

1) We have done limited testing of the app in Wine itself and that
appears to work pretty well so far. We do have to change the
functionality of certain aspects such as our scheduler which ran as a
tray control and needs to be converted to just work as a crontab but
that's easy stuff for us to do. Question: is there a way to bundle our
App along with a full Wine install and it not be seen as 2 different
apps? In other words, is there a way to put a wrapper around the Wine
+ Our App on Linux to just make it look like Our App on Linux? This
would be my first choice based on the "fun" I'm having with getting
MFC to compile in Winelib.

2) If option 1 doesn't pan out, then how the heck can I compile MFC
without spending MANY hours working through the issues that appear to
have been resolved based on the threads I have read on MFC? I read of
an ever elusive HOWTO for compiling MFC but I haven't found it
anywhere and I don't see any pointers or FAQs on the do's and dont's
of compiling MFC.

We really want this App to run on Linux and although we are not a
large company by any stretch, we are Linux advocates, and will give
the fanfare and news of porting our App to Linux with the help of Wine
if we can get there. Right now, I'm stuck and need some guidance.


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