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James Juran jamesjuran at
Mon Jul 9 20:30:43 CDT 2001

Steve Ledford wrote:
> 2) If option 1 doesn't pan out, then how the heck can I compile MFC
> without spending MANY hours working through the issues that appear to
> have been resolved based on the threads I have read on MFC? I read of
> an ever elusive HOWTO for compiling MFC but I haven't found it
> anywhere and I don't see any pointers or FAQs on the do's and dont's
> of compiling MFC.
> We really want this App to run on Linux and although we are not a
> large company by any stretch, we are Linux advocates, and will give
> the fanfare and news of porting our App to Linux with the help of Wine
> if we can get there. Right now, I'm stuck and need some guidance.

Codeweavers ( has done a lot of work with the
MFC recently and has been a very active part of the Wine community for a
while now.  They may be able to help.  A good contact would be Jeremy
White <jwhite at>

Note that I am in no way affiliated with Codeweavers, although several
other Wine developers are.


James Juran
jamesjuran at

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