Need advice for application port

Peter Hunnisett hunnise at
Mon Jul 9 21:37:51 CDT 2001

Steve Ledford wrote:


> So, I am on the horns of a dilemma and as I see it there are a couple
> of options:
> 1) We have done limited testing of the app in Wine itself and that
> appears to work pretty well so far. We do have to change the
> functionality of certain aspects such as our scheduler which ran as a
> tray control and needs to be converted to just work as a crontab but
> that's easy stuff for us to do. Question: is there a way to bundle our
> App along with a full Wine install and it not be seen as 2 different
> apps? In other words, is there a way to put a wrapper around the Wine
> + Our App on Linux to just make it look like Our App on Linux? This
> would be my first choice based on the "fun" I'm having with getting
> MFC to compile in Winelib.

Have a look at how Corel did stuff like WordPerfect and Corel Draw.
I actually haven't used them but I think that they keep a seperate tree
for all dlls I think.


Peter Hunnisett
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