how to uninstall wine

Peter Hunnisett hunnise at
Tue Jul 10 10:22:52 CDT 2001

Bernard Didier Frederic Casse wrote:
> I need to remove wine completely on Red Hat Linux 7.1
> I tried "make uninstall" but it doesn't work completely.. It only
> uninstalls it partially. I didn't install it using rpm btw. So i can't
> do something like rpm -e wine. There's also no "dkpg" whatever command!

"make uninstall" should work completely removing the binaries (and
sundries) from your tree that
were installed by the "make install" command. What did it fail to
uninstall? How do you know that
it failed to uninstall something? This would be a defect that should be
reported :)

Are you talking about the source that you used to build the release? You
can use "make distclean" to
restore it to the state you unpacked it in, but I suspect that you'll
want to do an "rm -r wine_tree".

> Thanks.
> Didier.


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