how to uninstall wine

Bill Medland medbi01 at
Tue Jul 10 10:41:32 CDT 2001

Bernard Didier Frederic Casse <sci80084 at> wrote in article
<191C91BDFE8ED411B84400805FBE794C136CE5B1 at>...
> I need to remove wine completely on Red Hat Linux 7.1
> I tried "make uninstall" but it doesn't work completely.. It only
> uninstalls it partially. I didn't install it using rpm btw. So i can't
> do something like rpm -e wine. There's also no "dkpg" whatever command!
> Thanks.
> Didier.
You might also try going to and into their FAQ and
search on "Total cleanup".  It should yield a nice 2-pager on which lib
files need to be deleted etc.


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