Problems installing and configuring Wine

Moshe Samuel MoSam at
Thu Jul 12 03:33:36 CDT 2001

I downloaded wine-010708-stripped.tar.bz2 from the web.  (I'm running RedHat
6.2 on a Pentium 133 with 48mb of RAM and a 10gb hard drive which is not
recognized by the BIOS.  It was running Window$ using Maxblast EZ-Bios
software overlay - until that software went south.  Last time, for some
reason, it fixed itself when I booted to Linux (using my boot floppy) and
ran lilo - I've no idea how or why that helped, but it did!  Then it died
again and this time I just can't get the software repaired  so  I'm trying
to install Wine.
As I say, I downloaded the source file, untarred it, and copied the needed
files to the /usr/local directory tree.

Two problems:
1.    The README file mentions a ./tools/wineinstall file.  This doesn't
seem to exist in the stuff I downloaded.
2.    I have written a ~/.wine/config file according to instructions found
on the web, but when I try to run Wine, the error message is as follows:
wineserver: ~/.wine/config is not a valid registry file
I thought this was supposed to guide Wine in its operation, but shouldn't
the registry be provided by something else?

Many thanks for any and all useful responses.

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