Macromedia Flash

ferran melodias at
Thu Jul 12 05:10:38 CDT 2001

"ted" <ted at> wrote in message news:<9h7beh$co3$1 at>...
> Hi everybody,
>  do you know if is possible to run the Macromedia Flash environment
> under wine?

Flash must be installed under Windows (as freehander or photochof).
I've copied the program folder and a dll (ctl3D32) on the wine's c
directori (no windows installation) and it runs unstable under
wine-codewavers r3, but stable with some little problems under
photopaint's wine with managed windows (I 've edited the photopaint
init script).
- you must "touch" a file under linux if you want to save a new work
(no problem if file exist)
- some redraw problems (text, preview)
- Error when quitting (all tools windows must be closed before

my system.: SuSe 7.1, 2.2.18, KDE 2.1, XFree 4.02


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