Install wine, dependency problem, newbie woes

Matthew Clarke Matthew_Clarke at
Thu Jul 12 12:33:22 CDT 2001

dti4565459 at aol.comjunkbloc (DTi4565459) writes:

>Downloaded wine from codeweavers and tried to install with Kpackage.
>"Needs"       Tried locating lib* with Google, but Google 
>comes up with packages with different names.  Maybe the lib I need is
>part of a larger library.  So, where to find what I need, and then what
>to do with it (eg. just copy to /lib)??

libXv is part of XFree86 4.

If you want more specific help, you'll need to say what operating system
and distribution (if any) you are running, and what version of XFree86 is
installed on your system.


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