How to I fix undefined symbol: _glapi_Context error?

gerard patel g.patel at
Thu Jul 12 17:01:05 CDT 2001

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 19:50:48 GMT, B W <bw at> wrote:

>I also can't run wine anymore (since about February)
>due to this error.
> > err:module:BUILTIN32_dlopen failed to lead .so lib for builtin x11drv.dll:
> > /usr/X11R6/lib/ undefined symbol: _glapi_Context
> > Could not load graphics driver 'x11drv'
>I am not using any NVIDIA drivers.  I did not get any
>complaints compiling.  I am using Mandrake8.0.
>I would like to know how to disable OpenGL if that would
>help.  If there is any solution that allows Wine to work
>normally I would like that, too, but it seems impossible
>as noone has any information about this error.

I use Mandrake 8 too and has no information about
this error, as I have never seen it.
Using configure --enable-opengl or not, a $30
graphic card, Linux 2.4.3 and Xfree 4, if this can
help (you are also free to post your exact configuration,
even if you have a problem)


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