Unreal & Mousecapture

Jason Nerer drehstoph at gmx.net
Fri Jul 13 06:40:58 CDT 2001


recently I compiled and installed the wine-20010629 Release. On my Machine
(PII-400 at 450-128MB with ATI Rage Pro) Unreal produces fantastic framerates
with XFree86-4.0.1. Halflife is running too, but only in Softwaremode (he
says he would not comply with my GL-driver, even if compilation with the
flag "--enable-opengl" has been successful).

But my problem is another. I am not able to use my Mouse in Unreal. The
window does not catch the mouse, even if I tried nearly everything.
I set DirectX-Mousegrab in /etc/wine/config and ~/.wine/wine.conf to "Y"
.... I let the Windowmanager manage the winewindow, I played with the
CaptureMouse Options in UnrealTournament.ini but nothing is working.

But Unreal is nearly unplayable for me without the mouse !

Is there anybody who can point me to a hint how I can force wine to grab the
mouse ?

Any commandlineoptions for wine or for Unreal ??

Any suggestions ?

Thanx a lot.



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