Wine & Smartsuite

Dave Pickles davep at
Fri Jul 13 12:31:24 CDT 2001

Grant wrote:

> Has anyone here done any work, or has any experience in getting
> Smartsuite 9.5 running under Wine.
> I am willing to do some debugging, if you want.
> Thanks in advance.

Not 9.5 but I have been experimenting with SmartSuite 97. As of last week 
Wine is capable of running 1-2-3 97, although there are some long pauses 
at startup (missing OLE functionality I think) and some of my spreadsheets 
cause it to hang. The splash screen is shown as a black rectangle due to a 
stupid bug which Wine can't cope with yet.

I haven't tried the other parts of the SmartSuite application.
Dave Pickles

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