Compiler err compiling latest CVS

Andreas Mohr Usenet 07/01 xsidycvl001 at
Sat Jul 14 19:05:27 CDT 2001

tschweikle at wrote:
>> tschweikle at wrote:
>>>> That's strange, this directory is not missing.
>>>> Can you post the commands you used
>>>> to get Wine from Cvs ?
>>> Using bash:
>>>   export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvs at
>>>   cd ~/packages/CVS/wine
>>>   cvs upd -A
>> An RTFM here, an RTFM there...
>> It's amazing how easy a solution you can find in many cases...
>> you can always say "RTFM" :-)
>> Hmm, should be RTFW in this case, though
>> (as in many other cases with Wine, too)
>> In short: your flags are *wrong*

> Don' think so (excerpt from

> To check out the entire Wine source tree 
>    (but read the next section before actually doing this!), do
>    cvs -z 3 checkout wine
It already mentions that one should read the next section.


Unfortunately the next section sounds to me like utter BS.
AFAIK you really, really need -PAd, nothing else.
I don't know why that content is described in such a messy way.

The fact that it worked the time you did a complete checkout kind of
proves that the -A flag was missing for your updates.

> Realy FAQ???
Yes, definitely (at least 5 times in the last couple of months).
And it's in the FAQ area now.

So is anyone against me fixing up the .cvsrc tag description section ??
(I guess not)

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