font size in pixels instead of points

Bill Medland medbi01 at
Mon Jul 16 15:11:56 CDT 2001

OK.  I've played with this for long enough now.  Any chance of some help?

In order to solve some problems with an application I went through the
process of converting the VGASYS and SSERIFE fonts.  (I'll make a couple of
additions to the docs when I get a moment!).  However when I go to select
the MS Sans Serif fonts from the standard "font choice dialog" thingy the
available font sizes are not the normal 8, 10, 12,14,18 and 24 but are the
pixel sizes corresponding to them (13,16,20,24,29,37) and similarly the
system font is 16.

I've messed about with the bdf file, changing the font name and the SIZE
argument but still they appear.

Any idea why/ how to change it?

(Also, just for information, does anyone know why the font name generated
by fnt2bdf not reflect the point size?)


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