Managed vs non-managed ?

Sinner from the Prairy sinner_prairy.NOSPAM at
Tue Jul 17 08:54:49 CDT 2001


What is the difference of running Windows applications under WINE with 
"Managed=Y" infront "Managed=N" ?

I am running an apllication flawlessly with "Wine release 20010629 ". 

With "non-managed", everything is OK.Well, I miss the posibility to use 
the application as another X11 thing.

With "managed", the keyboard is not responding. Well, it works only the 
ESC key sofar. None of the letters nor ENTER keys. Strange.

BTW I use a PS/2 Spanish (es) keyboard 105-keys (that is, with "Windws" 

Any idea?

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