wine and printing..

Ian Pilcher ian.pilcher at
Tue Jul 17 12:02:59 CDT 2001

Christopher Radau wrote:

> Hi there everybody, and (please)heeeeelp !
> I'm running codeweavers-wine 20010305 

That's pretty old.  I recommend trying the latest version.

> I've read so many different doc's an manuals that I'm very 
> confused right now. Could a gentle soul please help me out.

It should be obvious from reading all the documentation that no one
know what the heck is going on.  Seems pretty accurate to me.  :-)

> Please feel free to ask me for more detailed information if you need 
> some.

Run your application with '--debugmsg +psdrv' and redirect stderr to a

file.  Depending on the size of the result, either post it here or zip
it up and send it to me.

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