painter 5.5

basse basse at
Tue Jul 17 16:58:06 CDT 2001

hi.. I'm trying to launch painter 5.5 (web edition), but it gives me some
error messages at startup (incorrect registry size etc) .. then I get the
splash screen, and just when painter starts to load it's plugins and
materials and stuff, I get windows error dialog saying that it can't read
scriptIO or something. after that another windows error dialog, now it can't
run couple of other files in painter directory (they are there)...  what is
going on??

painter should work under wine?

I am really new in this, and this is basicly the only application I would
like to get working.. so what I should put to my /etc/wine.reg or..
~/.wine/config ?? ?

I tried some couple of another apps also, word started, but halted couple of
seconds after.. so I dunno if I have something wrong with my wine setups??


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