Looking for Wine How-To

Wolfgang Bornath wobo at gmx.de
Wed Jul 18 01:28:15 CDT 2001

Richard A Lough <ralough.ced at dnet.co.uk> wrote in message news:<3B5490D9.47F16798 at dnet.co.uk>...
> The HOWTO is almost one year behind development.
> Principal changes are :
> The change to .winerc in place of /wine.conf. 

Can't find a .winerc anywhere. At installation wine made up a
'man wine' says: 
"wine expects a configuration file (/etc/wine/config), [...].
*Alternatively* a configuration file with the name config in the
~/.wine directory of the user running wine can be used."
So, as /etc/wine/config is there, why does wine refuse to start by
complaining that it can't find ~/.wine/config ? And what's it all
about having .winerc instead of config ?
I'm using release 20010629 so it's a fairly new release.


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