Automatically detect win32 binaries?

Phrostie pfrostie at
Wed Jul 18 07:19:36 CDT 2001

in short, Yes.
I would not recomend it on any machine that is attached to the net.

This is done thru the Linux kernel, and will require a recompile.
when you are going through the configure menu there is an option to
automaticly launch non-native(or something like that) binaries(ie java
and wine)  you will need to turn this on.  this was in the 2.2 kernel.
 i have not seen it in 2.4, but i'm sure it's still there somewhere.

good luck and 
	let's be careful out there.


"David Findlay" <david_j_findlay at> wrote in message news:<20010718.185302.1597322404.1643 at>...
> Can I somehow configure Linux so that it automatically detects win32
> binaries and executes them using Wine? Thanks,
> David

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