wine and printing..

Chr Radau Chr.Radau at
Thu Jul 19 05:53:11 CDT 2001

> > I'm running codeweavers-wine 20010305

> That's pretty old.  I recommend trying the latest version.

I tried that. I'm running now wine-20010629.
I'm able to print now with various apps.
Unfortunately I can't install the CAD Software no more.
(The main reason to play with wine)

The Software lets me do a few installation-steps and the hangs forever.

Here is some logging:

wine --debugmsg +loaddll

wine --debugmsg +realy

wine --debugmsg +module

wine --debugmsg +all hangs itself up very early and produces an 
approx. 26M log-file which I wont post.

>> I'm very confused right now.

> It should be obvious from reading all the documentation that no one
> know what the heck is going on.

Yepp, I know what you mean *lol*

Thanks so far 


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