gerard patel g.patel at
Fri Jul 20 02:24:21 CDT 2001

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 22:25:59 -0400, "TwoFive"
<crazyanimal78 at> wrote:

<snip pthread error messages>
I get these messages on all of my test applications.
That don't stop them to  start.

>Check permissions or set VFAT "quiet" mount flag
>Wine ERROR: Couldn't set file attributes for existing file

This is a real problem, your Fat partition seems to be 
mounted readonly. Windows applications assume usually
to be able to write to C:\. Change the way the partition
is mounted (this is not Wine dependant)

>among other various things.  

'other' things can be harmful. AFAICT the pthread
messages are harmless.


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