Popup dialogs

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Fri Jul 20 13:12:40 CDT 2001


Prior to the major X11 changes of June, popup dialogs were nice and fast 
(as they should be). Since the X11 changes, the popup dialogs are very 
slow; 1-2 seconds to destroy one and pop up another on a 700MHz Athlon. 
Actually, all window creation is much slower, but I really notice it on 
the popup dialogs (because I use them a lot). Once the windows are open, 
speed seems to be quite normal.

While it is obviously a very low priority, I am hoping this is just 
something that will be taken care of eventually, and not a permanent 
result of the X changes? Since 1-2 seconds is a huge amount of code to 
go through (and these are very simple dialogs - a line of prompt text 
and a single line text edit box), there must be something very 
inefficient going on.


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