Automatically detect win32 binaries?

Phrostie pfrostie at
Thu Jul 19 05:42:07 CDT 2001

sounds better than a kernel recompile.
if you remember/figure it out, let me know.

Dave Pickles <davep at> wrote in message news:<9j4gfm$nm1$1 at>...
> David Findlay wrote:
> > Can I somehow configure Linux so that it automatically detects win32
> > binaries and executes them using Wine? Thanks,
> I did get this working in KDE 1 a while ago, by telling KDE that all files 
> with suffix ".exe" were to be opened with the WINE application. I could 
> then click on an executable and have it start automatically. Just don't 
> ask how I did it...
> I haven't tried the same trick with KDE2.

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