Renaming of Program Files folder

root dbrowning at
Fri Jul 20 20:56:32 CDT 2001

Has anybody else experienced a problem with Wine renaming the Windows
Program Files folder to !$!$!$!$.pfr and (seemingly) creating another
empty copy of Program Files elsewhere. I have experienced this problem
twice while running two different versions of Wine (the last one
CodeWeavers 20010305-1). Naturally, Windows takes exception to this and
won't run. 

The information I have is :-

Linux Version is Mandrake 8.0
Wine will install OK
Wine will run a simple test application like Notepad.exe OK
Sometime while trying to run an application the renaming will occur.

Hardware is an AMD Athlon 800

I deduce that Wine is the culprit because it has happened only twice and
both times I was running Wine.

I understand that this is not giving anybody much information to go by
but I need some assistance in getting the correct troubleshooting
information and I don't want to keep messing up my Windows installation
all the time. If anyone can give me some guidance on how to get debug
information I'll set it up and try wrecking it again.

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