Unable to install important application

gerard patel g.patel at wanadoo.fr.invalid
Sun Jul 22 17:55:49 CDT 2001

On Sat, 21 Jul 2001 21:39:35 +0200, Norbert Zawodsky
<norbert at zawodsky.at> wrote:

>My bank sent me a CD with the new version of it's Homebanking software.
>This new version uses internet for communication, the old one dialed
>with the modem direct to the banks
>computer. Because the old access will be revoked end of this year, it is
>very very important
>to switch to the new version.

I don't have time currently to help you to debug this one,
but can't you try to install under Windows ? the installation
is often a showstopper for applications that otherwise are
working fine. In particular I don't think that the fact that
your app is now using Internet instead of a modem could
be a problem (and it's probably not the problem with the
install of your app)


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