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Andreas Mohr Usenet 07/01 xsidycvl001 at
Mon Jul 23 05:30:10 CDT 2001

Grant <grant_williamson at> wrote:
> Simply not true?

> i.e. do u mean that there is a patch created or not?
There's no patch.
It's a fundamental problem that will take slightly more than just a small
patch to resolve.

> (When I say POST, I did not mean to the newsgroup)
> In article <9ja94b$fp8$1 at news.BelWue.DE>, "Andreas Mohr Usenet 07/01"
> <xsidycvl001 at> wrote:

>> Grant <grant_williamson at> wrote:
>>> I seem to remember someone might have posted a patch to prevent Wine
>>> from opening multiple windows when running an application. Anyone have
>>> this patch they can mail me.
>> Nope, simply not true.
>> It's way more complicated for somebody to "just post a small patch".

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